We build the best pools

We Love Dogs

Dogs are a great extension to any family. Great for the kids, company for the elderly, comfort to the sick and truly a member of any family. And so it should come as no surprise that when they get sick, we do everything we can to help make them better.

Our four-legged family members can get injured just like us. Can get ill just like us. But unlike us, no matter what condition they are in, they wag their tail to tell us how much they love us – no matter how much pain they are in.

This is why we created RuffPool – for them.

we build the best pools

We Know Pools

We have over 15 years of experience providing pools for humans and dogs alike. We have even provided pools for sea dogs (sea lions). We have made pools for the military, Hollywood and stages all across the world. We have made big pools for little events and little pools for big events. So yeah! We know pools.

The RuffPool line is based on years of experience making thousands of pools throughout the world – but made for only one purpose – help make our canine freind enjoy a better life.