An Active Dog is a Healthy Dog

As few as four or five extra pounds can put your dog at risk for developing some serious medical conditions. Just like humans, an overweight dog becomes less active and it no longer is a question of “if” your dog will develop a condition secondary to the excess weight but “how soon and how serious!” By having daily access to an in-home doguatherapy RuffPool makes it much easier to help your dog get back on his feet again and be more active in the buoyancy of warm water in the privacy of your own home.

Veterinarians have been discovering the benefits of canine aqua therapy as being both therapeutic and essential for a dog’s recovery from surgery or injury. The ability to simply walk, jog, or lap swim within the body of warm soothing water can mean the difference to a dog’s recovery. That’s really where RuffPool made it easier, more affordable and much more accessible.

If your veterinarian told you today that your dog needed warm water therapy – also known as “aquatherapy”, where would you go to help your dog? Most community pools do not allow dogs to use the pools and dog therapy pool locations are very minimal and very expensive.

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