Easy Peasy Up an Easy

A RuffPool at its core is an EZ Pool. A pool designed to be assembled on any type of level ground or placed on any type of surface be it: concrete, asphalt, dirt, grass, rocks, pebbles or any combination there of. A pool that can not only easily withstand use with your four-legged family member – but even the military uses similar material for their inflatable boats.

From the moment you unpack the pool you will not only appreciate the durable quality of the pool material, but also the ease by which the average family is able to have it up and ready for water. And we know your canine friend will but bouncing around like a little child just waiting for it to be up.

Though we do know many of you are looking to invest in a RuffPool to help your dog recover from some type of surgery or get a better overall wellness with their health, we want to prepare you that once they begin to include doguatherapy as part of their daily routine, they may quickly revert back to their formally playful, child-like nature, making it almost impossible to get them out of the pool.

Depending on your budget, we do recommend including the heater to increase the beneficial aspects of warm water therapy. Though our experience with dogs shows they have a higher tolerance to cold water, the warmer water has proven to be more therapeutic than cold.