Just a Few Benefits from DoguaTherapy

Muscle Tone Development: Hydrotherapy, as the name suggests, uses water as a means to strengthen the muscles and joint functions in your dog. Swimming enables your dog to exert several muscles all at once more than walking on ground. Swimming also enhances powers of endurance and is a hydrotherapy technique that lessens stress on the joints.

Encourages Neuro-Muscular Reduction: The warmth of the water helps to increase flexibility and mobility of muscles, tendons, ligaments that surround the joints as well as enhance circulation.

Reduction of Pain, Stress and Anxiety: Water increases relaxation which can help pain and spasms. When moving in water, the resistance is 15 – 20 times that of moving in air so muscles are being used without the stresses of weight bearing. An efficient and safe way to exercise and build muscle. Water can calm and sooth the nervous system, decrease stress. It can also stimulate the sensations of joint position and re-establish sensation channels.

Augmented Peripheral Circulation: Warm water can increase body temperature, causing blood vessels to dilate and increase circulation delivering nutrients and oxygen and carrying away wastes.

Prevents Weight Bearing Injuries: Full weight-bearing activities would often be limited for weeks after surgery, which extends your pet’s recovery time considerably. Pool therapy allows rehab to begin immediately or very soon post-surgery/injury. How quickly therapy begins is based on your veterinarian’s recommendations.

Improves Cardiovascular Fitness and Overall Conditions: Water can increase metabolic function and hormones which regulate many processes in the body.

The Dobbs Family

“Joshi watched as we set his pool up. He had been tired a lot, but once we got the pool filled and the water warmed up, he gentle got in and started moving more and more. Veterinarian said the warm water would help his circulation. Being in the north east, that is hard to come by. But he is doing great, thanks for asking.”