Doguatherapy means Dog Wellness

A Body in Motion Stays in Motion and this is important for the heart – human and canine alike. Warm water aquatic exercise for dogs is ideal for arthritis, improving flexibility, increasing endurance, weight loss, relaxation, building confidence, as well as improving athletic stamina and post-surgical conditioning. Doguatherapy provides all of this in the medium of warm water which also clams the animal, reduces body weight stress and promotes greater recovery.

And let’s face it, dogs love water.

Our in-home canine-focused rehab pools offer rejuvenation for your dog’s body and mind. As a form of zero-impact exercise, the buoyancy of warm water relieves any weight or strain on a dog’s joint, relaxing the body and improving mobility. Without stress on his or her joints, a dog recovering from surgery or an accident can exercise and gain the muscle strength needed for rehabilitation, this is why we believe so much in canine aqua therapy and regular swimming exercies for dogs in water.

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