Important Terms of Sale Details
RuffPool® Package Sales and Return Policies

YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US: Customers who are seeking access to doguatherapy in their own home have found the RuffPool to be the very best solution for them. However, sometimes unexpected situations occur. We have a reputation of working with our customers continually to resolve any unforeseen problems and obstacles because we truly recognize how very important having access to these pools are for our customer’s loved ones. We have a wonderful track record with our ever-growing family of RuffPool owners. We want to keep you as a customer.

ELIGIBLE RETURNS: Once a purchaser takes possession of a RuffPool package, this return policy for that RuffPool package is subject to the following terms and conditions – unless otherwise documented in writing from an authorized representative of RuffPool:

Unopened, and Undisturbed Delivered Pool Packages: If, upon receipt of your RuffPool package, you wish to return it for a refund, you may do so if the following condition applies: The boxes have been unopened and all contents are as they were delivered (any damage must have been noted on the Bill of Lading prior to you signing for receipt of the delivery). If this condition has been met (you may be requested to email a photograph of the boxes prior to approval), you will be eligible for a refund, minus any shipping charges accrued to ship and return your pool package, any applicable credit card fees and a 10% cancellation fee. These charges will be deducted from your refund.

Opened Pool Boxes: If after opening your pool box, you decide you would like to return the pool for a refund, the following conditions apply; 1.) You will be subject to a 20% non-negotiable inspection and re-boxing fee; 2.) There will be 5 to 10% cleaning fee if the components are dirty, dusty, and/or scuffed in anyway; 3.) Any damage to the components will be deducted from the refund; 4.) The refunded amount will be minus all shipping charges, credit card fees (if applicable) and any other fees known or unknown to ship your RuffPool package both outbound and inbound.

A Pool Removed from its Box: If a RuffPool has been removed from its box, assembled, and/or filled – we will be unable to issue a refund.

Custom Orders: We are unable to offer any refunds on custom pool orders. This includes, but not limited to; customer depths, custom widths, custom lengths and/or custom colors. Exchanges are available but only if the exchange occurs before the original RuffPool is shipped. Once a custom order is shipped, there is no refund available.

What You Should Know Before Returning Your Pool Package: A Return To Authorization must be given prior to returning your pool package. Call 855-439-7665 for a RTA. Any attempt to return a RuffPool package without this prior RTA # may result in a refused shipment or a lost and/or damaged shipment. If shipping via truck, be prepared to photograph your palletized package prior to the trucking company leaving. This picture must show the pallet on the truck. This is done so that if the pallet is returned to us damaged, you will have evidence of the condition of the pallet when it was picked up. Failure to do this may prevent any claim from being paid.

WHEN RETURNING THE POOL PACKAGE, YOU BECOME THE SHIPPER AND THEREFORE BEAR ALL COSTS, RESPONSIBILITY AND/OR BURDENS ACCORDINGLY. We will do what we can to help, but ultimately you become liable for any financial costs and/or losses.

CANCELLATIONS: If an item ordered by a purchaser is cancelled by the purchaser, after 5 business days from receipt of order, there is a 10% cancellation fee which will be deducted from the amount collected for the order. This fee is non negotiable.

REFUNDS: If your pool package qualifies for a refund, you will receive a check and a detailed itemized deduction receipt, within 60 days.


  • RuffPool is not responsible for typographic errors.
  • RuffPool reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of sales at any time.
  • No employee or agent of RuffPools has the authority to vary any of the policies or the terms and conditions governing any sale.