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Easy-to-Use RuffVac® Pool Vacuum

Product Includes: √ Traps Fine Dog Hair, √ Protects the Life of your Pump/Filter, √ Easy-to-Clean Design.

Electric Heater

Product Includes: √ Heats Fast and without Exhaust, √ Needs a Pump and Filter to Operate, √ Includes Free Solar Cover.

RuffPool Pool Cover

Product Includes: √ Durable Design, √ Light-Weight Roll-on and off, √ Can Freeze Solid.

RuffPool Skimmer

Product Includes: √ Collects Floating Debris, √ Easy to Clean Removable Basket, √ Includes Free Dog Hair Sock.

RuffPool Solar Cover

Product Includes: √ Floats on the Water Surface, √ Light-Weight, √ Fold and Unfold as Needed.

The RuffPool Filter Element

Product Includes: √ Durable Cleanable Material, √ Excellent for Dog Hair, and √ an Lasting Design.

The RuffPool Pump and Filter Package

Product Includes: √ Cleanable Polyester Filter Element, √ Adjustable Timer, √ an Easy-to-Attach Design, √ Runs on Standard 110v, and √ VGB Compliant Suction Cap. Download Assembly Guide >>